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A visit to @pressedjuices and @spudbar_vic 

Loving life and living it to the fullest! Even if I am a little bit sick… šŸ˜šŸŒŗāš½ļøšŸ™ŠāœŒļø

#soulphysique #nourish #cleaneating
Enjoying my new T2 purchase! This will also be my new soup bowl šŸ‘ŒšŸ˜‹ā˜•ļø

Holy mother of gaaaaawd - I love it!
#greentea #t2 #soulphysique
Treat yo self āœŒļø

Smoothie bowl at its finest. Chia seed, sunflower kernels, buckinis, shredded coconut and banana toppings. Blueberrie, banana, oat milk, cardamom, nutmeg, maca, cacao smoothie

#smoothiebowl #soulphysique #nourish
Later gram @ @toppaddock 

Enjoying seriously good coffee, food and freshly squeezed grape fruit! @wendyhmclaren 

#nourish #soulphysique #goodfood #toppaddock (at top paddock)
The magic bullet has broken…

Getting money back/replacement tomorrow. But I need this immunity booster NOW! :( 

1 orange
1/4 lemon
Half cup coconut water
1 small carrot
Half tsp tumeric
Slice of ginger

Beat those winter sniffles, brighten up your skin in these darker days and aid in recovery after training with the natural anti inflammatory - tumeric! 

#health #soulphysique #smoothie #exercise
šŸ Smoothie bowl šŸ

It’s so cold out. ā„ļø

1x nana
Half cup blueberries
Half cup oat milk
2x tbs Meredith Sheep yoghurt

Sunflower seed
Chia seeds
Chopped almonds
Shredded coconut 

#health #smoothiebowl #soulphysique
Ur bangin’ bod šŸ”„

Leave email below for more information āœŒļø
Hump | Day

Mega hump day at dat toooo, middle of the year šŸ˜³

Happy hump day āœŒļø
#soulphysique #humpday #humphump
Ma go to comfort foods… So many soups! Sweet potato, it’s love šŸ’‹ šŸ™

#soulphysique #health #soup #winterchills

Anonymous asked: How do you feel about "over training"

Over training is easily done, our body needs recovery for progress. Did you know when we train, we make tears to our muscles. The progress is then made when we recover.

Ask me anything!

Iā€™m here for the next few hours, do you need advise on anything fitness and/or health related?

You can also ask me anything random if you like! :D

p e a c e || o u t

Everyone loves their pre or post training selfie! So do I ! Haha šŸ˜

Who’s training today!? Or is Sunday your weekly recovery? 

#training #pt #workout #soulphysique

Major HIIT and strength session today- we owned it!
Then this bad boy šŸ‘† for more energy and nourishment šŸ™

Thank you @spudbar_vic #spudbar

#health #posttraining #nourish #soulphysique
Green | Soup

Sluuuuuuurp šŸ˜‹šŸ™Š

Just another soup recipe to add to the collection! So easy for our body to digest. 
#soulphysique #soup #health
Lucky my tights ripped on sale day! šŸ˜
Aaaaand this is a picture of my working day! 

Who’s living active with me!?
#soulphysique #workhard